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Aug 26, 2010

Le Gun studios

Le Gun - The Unknown Room - mixed media, size 25 m²

A stunning space at the Brussels Art Fair last spring (I know, I'm somewhat late in posting this).  I do love bright and bold colours, I do love soft natural tones and I do love this world in black and white.

A collective of artists called Le Gun...

... built a room to present their black and white drawings.

It is like stepping into one of the drawings and become a part of the work itself.

I spent quite some time looking at all the details.

mmm... can't get enough of it.

I was quite surprised by the chair in the corner, it looks very similar to a chair I made three years ago.

The story of the room HERE
Le Gun artists :

Stand at the Art Brussels Fair 2010 by gallery Suzanne Tarasieve

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Anonymous said...

i just can't believe it's a drawing, but it is!!only realised looking at their website and you can see the frame around it.