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Aug 16, 2010

drawn to architecture

curated by_amy yoes
galerie grita insam

Amy Yoes - Model Path - mixed media installation with projected animations

Ingo Giezendanner

I especially liked the following one.  I was desperate when, once back home, I found out these pictures were not on my camera. Thanks to the photo shop who could rescue them.

A projected video of a winter scene, snow is falling gently in what seems to be the garden of this pavilion.  I'd love to go in, grab a tiny chair, enjoy a warm cup of coffee and watch the peaceful scene for some time.

Karina Nimmerfall - Transparent Scenario (Set for a Possible Movie)

curated by_vienna encourages systematic cooperation between galleries and curators. 
Each of the 20 participating renowned Viennese galleries selected one artist who curated a show on art & film in the gallery spaces.
May 6 - June 5 2010 - Ingo Giezendanner

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very intersting and beautifull.
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