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Aug 14, 2010

3 women at MAM Vienna

The first work  'New Citizen', when entering the spacious gallery, was a large mural.  In the large wall, that looked like an intriguing wallpaper, three small screens showing different videos.  A work by Turkish artist Inci Eviner.  Taking pictures from this work was not allowed, but you can have a look at it via this LINK on the artists' site.

"In her sculptures, video works and performances, Madeleine Berkheimer (NL) plays with social conventions from a sexual and erotic perspective, hereby confidently using her own body, challenging the voyeuristic gaze of her audience".

The realism in these sculptures is so stunning, I kept looking to find something that would convince me the leg wasn't real.  The veins, wrinkles, skin tone and irritation at the squeezed toes, a few hairs that escaped waxing the leg are very realistic... fascinating and disturbing at the same time.

More legs 'Noire' from another artist: Ana Rito (P).

Seen in May during

Mario Mauroner Contemporary art Vienna

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