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Jun 18, 2010

packing and moving

Very busy - don't have time to do decent posts - so I'm way behind with many things I'd like to show. My little stand at the past Upcycle Festival with smaller works in the stAAApel-gek series, a few smaller Good Mood Lights and Honderdwaters.

As I said, only smaller columns from the series.

On the right the glass series.

Top left, two paintings on scrap metal by Michael Fitts, represented by Gallery Art Cézar.

One of my latest lights made from stacked vintage ceramic cups, saucers, bowls, sugar-, tea- and coffeepot (30ties - 40ties - 50ties, mostly Boch Frères and Villeroy Boch).

Only half of it.

One of the small Good Mood Lights gets a nice greeting from the late evening sun through the window.

Other lights have an unexpected reflection in the high gloss painted wall which adds an extra dimension.

I love the effect.

But then it is time to pack everything again and move to the next 'exhibition'.

Bringing my works to the brand new Kringwinkel in Diest - Belgium.  There is an exhibition Recyclage Art for the opening of the shop on Sunday 27th of June 2010 .  Will have to drive twice to get everything there.  Not ready yet.  Again, only the smaller works; the bigger ones are kept aside for a different event later.

Upcycle Festival is an event by Art Cézar.  view more posts on the Festival by clicking the label.

More pictures of the festival on Sonny's blog HERE.
Info on the opening of the Kringwinkel Diest HERE.


Anonymous said...

you would not have a close up of one of the stands, on the last picture he is in the middle of the crates, the one on the right??

Anonymous said...

If I may correct - the opening of the Diest shop is on Sunday 27th June 2010.

hildA said...

to Leen,
At the right side of the page you'll find the blogpages with better pictures of my work. Part of it as I don't have decent pictures of all my works just now.

hildA said...

to Anonymous 2,
Yes indeed, you're right. I don't understand how I made this mistake. Thanks for letting me know.