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Jun 29, 2010


The opening of the Kringwinkel-Diest (see previous posts) was a huge success.  Never thought that on this very hot day so many people would turn up. 

A work of art was revealed.  Some time previous to the opening the whole staff of Kringwinkel Hageland - 178 if I remember well- had dinner together.  At the end of the meal they were invited to bend their forks any way they liked.  These forks were given to lighting-artist Erik Reynders to turn into a work of art that would represent the people in the company.  This is the result.

A local school had pupils working on lighting with cutlery as well, here is on of the results.

Erik Reynders is part of a collective of 6 artists/artisans called Feestgalanterieën.

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