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Jun 27, 2010

Dirk Stasseyns - kinetic assemblage

Sneak preview ... Public opening of a brand new thriftstore - Kringwinkel Hageland Diest - this afternoon at 14.00.
One of the artist exhibiting Recyclage Art is Dirk Stasseyns.  Here are a few of his many creations made from trash.  They blink, beep, wink ... and make funny little noises, well ... not all of them.

Info on the opening of the Kringwinkel Hageland - Diest  HERE

Have to hurry now as I've got to be there in two hours...

Dirk Stasseyns BLOG on his works in assemblage
He's also a sculptor, view his other BLOG to see his sculptures in stone


Kenneth Adrian Ellis said...

Speaking of kinetic...there is an author with a book out about his own God-given documented 4-part special power!"A Kinetic Person's Power"
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David said...


I also recycle parts from VCR's, Computers, Clocks,Watches make my Chopper Motorcycles.. like what you are doing.. only your blinks, winks etc.. my models do not do any of that... here take a look..