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Jun 9, 2010

Bags & Rags

Belgian designer Hanne Beutels creates unique and one-of-a-kind bags from discarded leather jackets and trousers. 

Dimanche à Bamako - Eco fashion & design - sells a whole range of purses and bags - among many other things - made from discarded fire-hoses and other materials.  Book your own Soirée Privée in the shop with your friends and explore a world of colour, scents, images, stories, traditions in a relaxed atmosphere with music and drinks.

More rubber in these former tires turned into baskets and bags at Hahdi.

Advertising canvas from the streets in Paris make colourful bags.  Nice paper items from Vietnam.  Also at Hahdi.
And surprising bags made from the pull-tab rings (not sure that is the right term). 
Everything from Hahdi, a shop where fair is beautiful. 
The painting on the left is from Elke Matthijs at Gallery Art Cézar.

Dutch Bouwjaar 63 has this cardboard bag, it comes in a flatpack.  Click HERE to see how creative people turned this into something unique.

More flatpack bags - the ones on top - at Mamzel.  In sturdy leather and great colours, assembled in no time.

Soft fluffy dolls made from Yak wool, with their own range of clothes!! at Mamzel.
Mamzel has a webshop and organizes homeparties.

More ragdolls created by designer Martina Vangeneugden, so are the fun brooches and pins.

She makes the most colourful dresses in vintage curtains and delightfull African fabrics.

Studio Tickle sells bags made from soft woolen blankets, Kudzu sells former army bags restyled with vintage upholstery fabrics.  Sorry, I don't have pictures of those.

The following has no connection with bags or rags, but here it comes anyway...

Jeroen Timmer - UitMijnHoofd - from Amsterdam makes these interesting notebooks from once used envelopes.  He is setting up a whole network of envelope collectors.  More info on this great project in which you can participate HERE.

All pictures taken during the UPCYCLE Festival last weekend, the list of participants HERE on the site of Art Cézar.

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Masha said...

ooo I like so much all these little things!! I like the playmobils. Last week-end I bought 10 ones only for 1 euro in a flee market))