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May 28, 2010

away and back

Back from 4 days in Vienna Austria.  Visited  nice exhibitions and a whole lot of interesting galleries.  But the frustration is gigantic ... many of my pictures disappeared on the camera.  Never happened before and I can't find the reason why or how this happened.  So many great things I can't show, will post the remaining pictures the next days.


Sunster said...

try "rescue pro"
it is a free software
once you downloaded and installed the software, you then get it to scan your memory card ( you'll need a card reader, and not have your camera connected to computer, rather the memory card via card reader ) and it will retrieve images you have deleted


hildA said...

Thanks for the tip, but it did not work.
Took the card to the photoshop where they will try with a professional program.
fingers crossed.