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May 2, 2010

artists' studios - open doors

A former smithy has found a new destination as a studio space for several artists.  A few of them present their work and studio to visitors this weekend.

sculptor Eva Leplat
Eva Leplat

Work of Eva Leplat in front of Tjerrie Verhellen's work.

Tjerrie Verhellen is not participating in the open studio tour, but his studio happens to be here and so are his sculptures.

Tjerrie Verhellen and Maria Iaram on the left.

painter Maria Iaram

Maria Iaram, top - Stef Houbrechts, bottom

Great space, the upstairs part of the forge.

Another artist who is not participating, but we still get a peek in his studio space.

I often notice comfy seats in artists' studios.  This one belongs to Stef Houbrechts, and so is the artwork.

1 and 2 May 2010 - Kunstroute-Leuven art tour
41 artists open their studios to the public - free entrance

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