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May 21, 2010

Ann Dieltjens - plaster sculptures

An annual event in Leuven - the 12 weeks of Sint Michiel.  During 12 weeks on wednesdays a different artist and different performers in music, theatre and dance in the setting of the Sint Michael's church in Leuven - Belgium. Previous wednesday was the first time we attended the event.  A brandnew dance company did a great performance in the imposing church.  The exhibiting artist was Ann Dieltjens with her latest work.


In the confessionals she installed Evil Seed, the 7 capital sins.








Ann Dieltjens makes abstract sculptures in a clear and simple formal language.  The works explore the border region between sculpture, design and architecture.

I discovered I've got unpublished pictures of the gorgeous studio of Ann Dieltjens, taken 2 years ago.  Will post them some time later.  More posts with works of Ann Dieltjens - use the 'search this blog' on top right of page.

more info on the ongoing event - 12 weeks of Sint Michiel - until 23th of June 2010

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