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Jun 9, 2008

take your art for a walk

I'm SO busy in the studio now, I have to catch up and finish things before ... tomorrow; and they are not. After being busy non-stop for 8 hours yesterday (- 1/4 hour for lunch) I really needed to get out of the house to see something completely different. We decided to gon and see an exhibition in a former asylum (pictures of that later) and then go to the city to have a small meal. On our way we saw this happy couple walking down the street.
I thought I had seen this painting before ...

... and yes I did, a few weeks ago during the open studio days. It is from Arne Reynaert.

The picture is too small to really see it but it is the painting in the top right corner, taken during the last open studio days of Kunstroute-Leuven.

I've got more pictures about that, but I will have to wait until most of my work is done to have time to post them.

pictures of the previous one here

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