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Jun 8, 2008

reading tools

One of my works found a new home. Last week was the reopening of a very nice 'reading tools' shop. Originally designed for fruit it will carry reading glasses in the future. This bamboo grows in my garden (not in this picture), I still can't believe it becomes this big.

the shop OCCHI doubled its space and changed look. I LOVE this counter that ends in stairs towards the upper floor - build in polyester coated MDF.

The shop has a large kid's corner to play in, I wouldn't mind spending some time here.

Different areas to sit while choosing your new glasses, with different design from 60', 70' and other periods.

Definitely one of my favorite items are these airline trolleys repurposed to house the stock.
And the owner has a very nice sense of humour. The mirror you look into when choosing glasses.

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