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Jun 2, 2008

Carrol Boyes' Functional Art

In the delightful shop World Design I came across the work of South African artist Carrol Boyes. Her tableware transforms the mundane into the extraordinary using pewter, stainless steel & aluminium. The gorgeous items show sensual sculptural forms, beautifully handcrafted fluid figures. Her inspiration is firmly rooted in Africa, but a look on her blog tells you other stories too.

Key Holder Woman - inspired by the movie 'Even the cowgirls get the blues'
a bottle stop I could not resist, a present for my husband (unfortunately it was the only one in the shop and the rubber ring is broken on the back)

Carrol's blogI think I could get addicted to Carrol Boyes' tableware.

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Anonymous said...

I too haver heard about them, but i don't know much about it...

African Arts

hildA said...

hello Herman,
thanks for your visit and comment. I definitely want to see more of Carrol Boyes' Functional Art, it is just gorgeous