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Jul 20, 2012

Pollie Gregoor & Roosje Chini

Rites de Passage

It was love at first sight, the first time I saw Pollie Gregoor's art a few years ago.  This time I had the opportunity to see more of it, and above all meet the artists - he works closely with his partner Roosje Chini - and talk about their fascinating artwork.

setting : stable and pigsty on a local farm during the Kunst op het Hof art tour

the tiny, narrow pigsty is quite a challenge to use as exhibition space

Roosje Chini - ceramics

 Roosje Chini

my heart skipped a beat when I saw this...

I'd seen this fascinating sculpture a few years ago in a very dark space.  I couldn't stop looking at it wanting to touch and stroke it (I didn't).  All the bits and pieces tell a story, these aren't just random objects. They're collected during travels around the world or bear ancient family history and already have a story before being joined.

The small round window was very intriguing and the objects inside have a particular fascinating story.
This wasn't a sculpture just to look at, I felt - and still feel just looking at the picture - an overwhelming vibration radiating from this artwork.  I'd love to climb into the structure and explore it from the inside.

The top part is sometimes replaced by one of these...

and this is how I saw it a few years ago

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