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Jul 17, 2012

Clemens Maassen - art & design

Open studio days in Maastricht some time in May, I should have posted this quite some time ago as a kind of preview...

absolutely gorgeous chairs, some of them with reclaimed material like the Dutch post sack...

... or an embroidered piece of needlecraft from the artist's mother

beautiful lighting, not quite visible in the picture because of the busy backdrop

Next to being a furniture builder and lighting designer, Clemens Maassen is also a painter. 

Those who follow my blog know I do love artists' studios.

looking for the bits you won't find in the galleries... the work space and material

and off course the art itself...

the paintings on this wall are the reason why the work of Clemens Maassen and myself were brought together in an exhibition with theme : urbanisation... more on that - and more paintings - in the next post

detail of Verborgen Stad (Hidden City)

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