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May 31, 2008

walking sculptures - Julian Opie

Along O'Connell street in Dublin - 4 different light-sculptures of walking figures, from artist Julian Opie. It is amazing to look at the grace of the movement, these figures show a very natural walk. I made a tiny video of it at night, in very bad conditions from the top of a bus, but I haven't worked out how to edit this. So I will post it later.

And here's a post with VIDEO

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Printers 3D said...

Its currently featured on one of the segments on the landscape channel (channel 203 on my sky free-view box), along with a piece of music called "treasure" (I didn't catch who it was by). The combination of slightly trancey music and the visuals (the backdrop for the light sculptures is dark, rainy and urban) is very atmospheric and reminiscent of Bladerunner.