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May 27, 2008

art & charm - Hotel Chamarel

Walking through the streets of Denia - Alicante - Spain, Leentje showed us this small family hotel hidden in a quiet street. The sign outdoors already caught my attention, part of a painting I recognised.
Yes, once inside there was no doubt, it is part of a painting by a Belgian artist, Fernand Khnopff.(the painting behind the bar)
A kind young woman was happy to show us the premises.

Charm is definitely a keyword to describe this beautiful and restful place.

I can almost imagine the people living in this house in a glorious past.

Stylish furniture throughout the house.

Each room has a different style and every where throughout this old town house are paintings by Vidallach, one of the owners.

Details are carefully chosen to complement the style and feeling of each one of the rooms.

More info on the Hotel Chamarel site.

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