to the artists, designers and craftspeople who think I call their work kitsch... this is NOT the case, it refers to my own work

May 21, 2008

outdoor living in Spain

details of the walls built by Robert Vandevelde, acupuncturist living and working in Javea, Spain

this is the gorgeous place where we spent last week

sculpture by Robert, made in Australia

my man enjoying his sisters' house

Leentje's recycling - she puts her old jewellery on an outdoor candleholder

just gorgeous warm colours everywhere

mosaic details

- no comment -

I just LOVE those pebbles in the wall

new life reaching out

a cool corner to relax

the outdoor dining area

with yet another sculpture by Robert

a cool spot in the shade to get out of the hot sun (we did not get this time)

the workout space with a recycled beam from a torn down mantelpiece



and I never get tired of the gorgeous African wax fabrics - the colours and bold patterns never bore me
the outdoor kitchenpebbles from the beach - actually dumped building waste reshaped by the sea - make nice mosaic figures on the walls

thanks Leentje en Bebert for the nice stay in your lovely home


Sas said...

Wow hildA what an absolutely beautiful post.....

I loved all of it and it was so inspiring that this Sunday I will rearrange my garden hihi

Big hug to you for sharing this beauty and take care,

with love, Sas

hildA said...

Hi Sas,

thank you for the visit and kind comment.

I wish you many beautiful and relaxing, sunny days in your re-arranged garden.