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Feb 4, 2008

chair project for circus school

Everywhere you look these days you see deer(s) in interior design. On every blog about interior design or in every magazine you will see them on walls, ceilings, crockery, linen ... in all kinds of material you can imagine....
So here is my contribution to this deermania - a one of a kind chair made by a local artist, for sale at a ridiculous low price : 50 euro.

Chairs made by artists, creatives, students ...

These are only a few from the hundreds of chairs that were exhibited yesterday. Not quality pictures, but then the circumstances are not the best. Lighting is poor, chairs standing close to each other, people walking in between.

The exhibition was a great success, set in a very nice environment.


Sas said...

Hello Hilda,

As always your post was very inspiring and I loved the pictures!

The other reason why I comment on your blog is to let you know that you have been tagged :) This way we can find out more about the person behind the inspiring blog :)

You can look on my blog for the details, enjoy :)


hildA said...

Hi Sas,

Thanks for your comments, they are always so kind.

Tagged ... I guess it is quite an honour to be chosen, thank you. It might take some time to get this done, I see your comments have nice pictures to go with them. I love that post, your dog is such a cutie, wish I could give him a hug. A big one for you too.