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Feb 29, 2008

chair project - Sitting Bull

OK, I know the title is not so original, it was probably used hundreds of times. I could not come up with anything else than this or Pocahontas, but then the chair is quite straight and sturdy, not feminine.
The chair is solid unvarnished oakwood. The leather strips are made from samples I got from a furniture shop.
This will be one of the chairs on exhibition during the art tour 'Kunst op 't Hof' in summer. Anita Huybens' chairproject is invited and I will be making more chairs in the coming weeks.

And what about the crochet chair you ask?
I've been working on that too, until one day I changed my plans for that particular chair, something more elaborate. Now I think I found another chair that might replace this one where the crochet might fit on too. But it needs sanding down, priming and painting before I can go on with that one. I hope I can show you the result some time soon.

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