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Dec 9, 2007

kindergarten for cars

Every time we happen to drive past this spot where these cuties are for sale, I think it looks like a kindergarten for cars. These cars are SO tiny.
Some have extra storage space

rainbow colours

a glamorous one with 'eyelashes'

some with 'handles', I can't stop thinking that it looks like you could lift this car by its 'handles' on the rear and the front and carry it to a parking space.

very funky interior - is it fifties?

FIAT 500


hisforhome said...

Where do you see these cars? They're so dinky, cute and colourful! I love them!

hildA said...

These are parked in a small field on the road between Mechelen (Malines) and Leuven (Louvain)- Belgium. I love to see them every time we pass this spot, but every time I think : poor things standing outside in all kinds of weather without protection.

thanks for the visit and the comment H