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Dec 19, 2007

design recycling - Maarten Baas

While walking through the 'Nine Streets' area in Amsterdam I passed this hairdressers shop and spotted these tables through the window. So I popped in to ask if I could take a picture. The tables are from designer Maarten Baas and are made from second hand furniture. He has this range called "Hey Chair, be a Bookshelf".
Right up my alley!! One of a kind design, unique pieces.
I do love his 'Eppur Si Muove' referring to Galileo also, a sculpture that needs the sun to get its significance. I could take the picture from his site but I do feel uncomfortable doing that, so I only use my own pictures.
UPDATE : another post on Maarten Baas HERE

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CatLeccia said...

wow! it seems like droog design! they have a piece like this but with drawers. and boca do lobo have another piece like that but more sophisticated
you can see it here or go to the website

enjoy, keep posting!