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Sep 10, 2007


OK, this looks a bit weird, but I don't have a black-haired child available.

So, what is this about?

Some time ago there was this request towards different artists to participate in a project to help children in Nepal who live on the streets. Artworks will be auctioned to raise funds to help schooling and housing projects for these children.

When I think of homeless people, I see people sleeping on the pavement under sheets of cardboard to protect themselves against rain and cold weather.

When I first heard about the project, the one idea that stuck in my mind was that some of these children don't have a proper home because their parents are alcoholics. Instead of giving their children love and protection and comfort, the parents spend their money and time on drinking.

I think of a patchwork quilt as a strong symbol of comfort and protection; all the time and effort that a mother puts into sewing together lots of pieces of beloved fabrics so that her child will be warm. So I created this 'patchwork quilt' with pieces cut out from cardboard boxes from spirits.

It was only after some time while putting the pieces together that there was this second thought about this work. Will these children become alcoholics because they lacked the love and warmth of a caring family?

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rpn said...

Thank you so much Hilda for your participation!
I hope, I believe, our rainbowkids will be able to avoid alcoholism and violence We support them with EDUCATION & CREA-sessions to make their SELFIMAGE & TRUST stronger! This is, we believe, fundamental to be able, one day, themselves, to build up a more beautifull life than the hard world they lived in till now And believe me, strong they are! For a few months I was lucky to live amongst them and I always saw my little sathi (friends) with a biiig smile The expo is called ASHA wich means HOPE
CU all the 5th of october in the Academy of art, Leuven! Marleen