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Apr 21, 2013

CREAZI - Upcycling Festival

CREAZI - a taste of waste
rethinking recycling

Its been a very long winter in so many ways and I'm just trying to wake up from a deep state of hibernation. Many things and events kept me away from art, design and kitsch hence the silence on the blog.
One of our first happenings this year brings us to Hasselt in the Euregion, the opening of the Upcycling Festival at CREAZI.

CREAZI has a great concept.  Becoming a member as an artist means getting access to various free materials donated by volunteers and companies with overstock.  Materials are very diverse and may only be used in artwork and unique design pieces.  CREAZI is also linked to the local Kringwinkel (thriftshop) so material includes a great variety of worndown ecclectic pieces of junk and other stuff.

The festival started with an exhibition by artists using this free material.  I particularely liked this wooden assemblage from crates, I've used these slats to make furniture myself some time in the past.

19-28 april 2013
Hasselt - Belgium   view the agenda of different workshops and more

On the opening night there was a presentation of a book on upcycling... a book with a surprise I didn't expect. More on that in the next post...

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