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Jan 17, 2013

DENMARK - the artist

No, not talking about Denmark the country in northern Europe...

DENMARK - V.9.72 - 1972

DENMARK - Data - 1975

Denmark - Fake Library - 1981-1983

DENMARK - the best magazines of art to be collected - 1989

DENMARK - Attrape-Mouches - 2000-2004

DENMARK - Absolut Library - 2010

DENMARK - Parrots - 2006-2012

DENMARK - Horizontaal versneden veilingcatalogi hedendaagse kunst - 2010-2012

DENMARK - Artforum - 2010-2011

DENMARK is a Belgian artist whose real name is Marc Robbroeckx.
I do love his work.  First saw it many years ago in Antwerp at a time I didn't make pictures so I don't have anything to show from back then.  Such a pity, it was a great soloshow.
Now we just got the last day of his show at Museum M in Leuven, Belgium... only six works exhibited here.

It inspired me, so off I went to buy a sharp scalpel... dissecting old magazines... wondering what will 'pop out'.

DENMARK  (click to enter artist's site)
Museum M - Leuven, Belgium

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