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Dec 6, 2012

NEWTOPIA - part 1

The State of Human Rights
international exhibition of contemporary art dedicated to Human Rights

more than 70 international artists of different generations
Cengiz Çekil - Towards Childhood, Since Childhood - detail

Elisabetta Benassi - Truth and Lies

Jaroslaw Kozakiewicz - Oxygen Towers - part of installation with video

Kostas Tsolis - Untitled (Gaze)

Lieve Van Stappen - Christening Dresses

Nikita Kadan - Procedure Room - 2 of 8 plates

Seamus Nolan - Every action will be judged on the particular circumstances - part of installation

Tom Molloy - Alfred - detail

Tom Molloy - Protest - detail

The State of Human Rights
different locations - Mechelen, Belgium
until 10.12.2012

go to artists page to get more information on the artworks

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