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Dec 7, 2012

NEWTOPIA - Mona Hatoum

The State of Human Rights
international exhibition of contemporary art dedicated to Human Rights

more than 70 international artists of different generations

one of my favorites is Mona Hatoum with striking pieces of art telling many stories that need to be heard

Mona Hatoum - Hot Spot

Mona Hatoum - Conversation Piece

Mona Hatoum - Infinity

Mona Hatoum - Exodus II - detail
I've seen another version of this artwork at Maria Bonnier Dahlin Foundation in Stockholm


The State of Human Rights
different locations - Mechelen, Belgium
until 10.12.2012
more information on the artist's page

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Simon Zabell said...

Mona Hatoum is fascinating also for being such a versatile artist; every work has a new and different idea behind it. This is not so common, with so many artists going over the same ideas again and again.