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Apr 21, 2012

meanwhile at home...

This blog has been on rest for some time now due to number of reasons.

One of them is that we're extremely busy preparing the barn and stables for an upcoming art event.  More on that in due time.

a glimpse on what is going on...

emptying the barn and repairing and fixing the old windows, putting up a ceiling in a smaller part of the barn, whitening the walls, getting electricity into the building

at the other side old wooden planks, beams, pallets, doors and more need to be sorted and stacked for a new artwork we'll be starting as from next week

in the orchard at the back of the barn...

a mysterious cross (depth 1 meter!) appeared next to the fallen apple tree, victim of a vicious summer storm last year.  We decided not to remove it, I had a feeling this old tree was still 'alive and kicking' although not in its usual position

and yes!... blooms all over the tree, our major provider of our very own apple juice.
+ easy to pick apples
- mowing the lawn is somewhat difficult

and the cross I hear you ask?
mighty plans ahead... will keep you posted

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