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Aug 22, 2011

trees in the storm

On thursday last week an extremely violent short summer storm caused damage in our garden, our beautiful weeping willow was dismembered,  some of the branches were strewn in the garden, others are dangerously still dangling from the tree.

This is nothing compared to the casualties and severly injured people caused by falling trees and collapsing tents at the very popular Pukkelpop music festival in our country some 30 KM from here.

I'm keeping a branch and will turn into a sculpture.

The rest of the wood will more likely end up this way...

Le Vent des Fôrets

an installation by Richard Kunz

Tricolore - 2000

The artworks of the year 2000 at 'Le Vent des Fôrets' resulted from a heavy winter storm on boxing day 1999.  The forest was closed for safety, all the artworks made in 2000 were given locations in and around the surrounding villages.

In a few years our weeping willow will be beautiful again... willows are fast growers.  But the people who lost their lives won't come back...

in 2007

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