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Dec 15, 2011

Will Menter - sound sculptures

a strange and fascinating setting

The stone quarry of Vignemont is an underground labyrinth of galleries and troglodyte dwellings

one of the so many quarries in the Loire region where 'tufa' was extracted, the white limestone used in the construction of the Loire valley castles

partly a museum depicting the life of the quarrymen, underground refuges during wars, cultivation of mushrooms...

complete silence
we were lucky, no other visitors to spoil it

an extraordinary resonance

the perfect setting for the sound sculptures of musician and visual artist Will Menter 

just seconds before one sees the sculpture motion sensors trigger the sculpture into life.  I think there couldn't be a better environment for these enchanting sounds

Wall Drums

Wood Wind

Curved Ascending Air

Rain Songs

Deep Choir
click arrow to start - very short - video

Earth Cords
click arrow

"air currents and dripping water make slates sing, pottery chatter and wood whisper"

Mineral Resonances

permanent exhibition
Carrière de Vignemont
site troglodytique
52ter Rue des Roches - 37600 Loches - France

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