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Dec 24, 2011

Kazys Venclovas' pine tree

I thought this would be the right day to publish pictures of The Pine Tree by Lithuanian artist Kazys Venclovas.  I only wish I could have taken these pictures in winter.

impressive in size and in very good condition as it stands here since 1998 (photos taken in 2010)

my favourite combination of materials; wood, metal and stone

and so lucky to see it in the late afternoon autumn sun

would love this in the garden right now

Kazys Venclovas - The Pine Tree - 1998 - Le Vent des Fôrets #33

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Wim said...

Een inspirerende kersttijd

en een positief 2011 toegewenst

hildA said...

dank je Wim
ik wens je hetzefde in het jaar 2012