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Nov 7, 2011

Le Palais des Cheminées Idéales

After a sunny, warm and gorgeous indian summer the first chilly wind and drizzle makes one long for a nice and cozy fire.
Just the time to show some pictures of 'The Palace of Ideal Chimneys', a funky and crazy installation.

entirely set up with waste material

a swivelling hearth and chimney in the centre of the room (I didn't know I could move it until we were gone)

the next room, a crazy kitchen

a bedroom that will keep out the icy winds

the sanitary installation

I simply can't keep my eyes from the stunning effect in the first room

the old walls with flaking paint and plaster and stripped wall paper are breathtaking

can't get enough of it

part of
à CIEL oUVERT - art tour
La Promenade du Jardin des Souhaits Bricolés
Les Pas perdus
Cité des Électriciens
Bruay-la-Buissière - France

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