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Nov 4, 2011

artist in residence

There is a first time for everything.
A bit hesitant at first when I was contacted to be 'artist in residence' because I am used to silence and solitude.  But the idea of giving workshops to young children to work with colour, shapes and composition was challenging enough to jump into a new experience.
It was great... and it isn't finished yet.
Impressions of the past two days...

A white room to avoid distraction, only two small Good Mood Lights to make presentations and show a tiny part of what I do.  Working with colour and shapes, upcycling 'ordinary' every day objects. 

and two bigger light-sculptures revealed later on

Apart from these light-sculptures, everything else here will be made by the participating children.  The second day eager adults join the party and enjoy themselves just as much as the youngsters.

revealing the coloured stock of plastic tableware to work with, flashy colours in different shapes and sizes

starting with monochrome pile-ups

I was pleasantly surprised to see a few unusual 'sculptures' popping up

more colour is added

so much fun to see how focused the children are, explaining why they used this or that item

coming up with unexpected constructions

culture coordinator and photographer Moo Laforce rescueing an unstable balance

great to see how some children focus on strong colour combinations, different personalities start to reflect in the works

testing building skills, especially the boys were very 'constructive', girls more focused on shape and colour

the first day, testing the limits of daring constructions
the second day, downscaling and focusing on colour and shape

the 'mirror' series

ending with a small scale sculpture of each participant to be exhibited

made by 9 to 12 year old kids

final (short) part of the workshop
replacing the plastic items by earthenware and porcelain cups and saucers from the thrift shop

one of the youngest artists

so is this one with a dynamic sculpture

children and adults, everybody seems to have a great time

last night I dreamed about it, and for once I didn't have a nightmare...
looking forward to the next workshops and final take-part(y)

Leren Ondernemen - community organization
most of the pictures taken by Moo Laforce - culture coordinator

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