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Feb 1, 2010

Hombroich Island Foundation - part 1

Museum Insel Hombroich

The Hombroich Museum Island is situated on twenty-four hectares of parkland and meadows on the Erft River near Düsseldorf-Germany. It provides a place for the interplay of fine art, architecture and natural surroundings.

The visitor has direct access to ten buildings designed by sculptor Erwin Heerich. Before we reach the first pavilion we hear wonderful music. We enter, and discover four musicians playing. Surprise ... we assumed we only would discover visual art.
Apart from the fact that the music is divine, we are amazed by the incredible sound. The building seems to have unbelievable acoustics, the slightest whisper realms through the structure.
In spite of the fact that we have many hours of walking before us, we can't leave the 'Turm'. Hours later, it is our last stop before leaving the grounds. The musicians are still playing.
Long walks between the pavilions as they are scattered over the grounds. We wonder if we're on the right path because at some points no buildings are in sight. One can never see two buildings at the same time.

The pavilions house the collection of the Island Hombroich Foundation, which spans a broad spectrum from the treasures of antiquity, via classical modern art, to contemporary art.

Rembrandt engravings, water-colours by Cézanne, collages by Kurt Switters, objects by Yves Klein, sculptures by Calder ... a vast collection.

Larger sculptures and installations along the walking trails.

... many more to come ...

Another pavillion filled with the artwork of painter Norbert Tadeusz.

Meadows, parkland, woodland, flower garden, formal garden, wild garden ... and more.

The café offers healthy meals (free - included in the ticket). Unfortunately the weather was rainy and cold the day of our visit, the hidden terraces looked so inviting.
When in the area, certainly worth while the visit. As I made so many pictures, I will have to spread them over more posts the next days. To view them all click on label below this post - Insel Hombroich.

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