to the artists, designers and craftspeople who think I call their work kitsch... this is NOT the case, it refers to my own work

May 13, 2009

the studio during the open days

It took me weeks to clear and clean the studio. These images show a rare view, I almost don't recognize it myself.
I have new ideas in my mind, and once I'll start realising them, the studio will be upside down again. The Honderdwater columns will be covered and the Good Mood Lights will be removed and stored to keep everything away from saw- and sanding dust.

Next year, the studio will - hopefully - look completely different with new works. I'm still brooding.

The first part of the studio is the part where the rough work is done - sawing, drilling, sanding ... the dirty work.

The second part of the studio is used to put works together, to 'assemblage' and 'mix the media'

table is set to welcome the visitors during the tour, so this is not the usual set-up

We regularly have our breakfast here when the weather is nice, but just too cold to sit outside. The light is just gorgeous here.

The third part of the studio is intended to show my finished works, but is in general just as messy as the other parts once I get to work again.


wim said...

Wat een formidabele 'ateljier' je kunt je er bijna met rolschaatsen in verplaatsen, handig ;-). Mijn ateljier is in de korstte keren een puinhoop, en blijft dan zo voor lange tijd tot op het moment dat ik alles met brute kracht aan de kant zet en dan duurt het een tijdje voor ik weer aan iets begin.
Ik hou wel van "Opression" rechts van achter, mooi geëtaleerd op die witte plaat en in de 'slide show'.

wim said...

Ik ben een paar logs terug gegaan en kan zien dat men er niet steeds in kan rondschaatsen ;-)))

sonny said...


never seen it so tidy
Wimpy must be loving it in there right now


hildA said...

Hi Sonny,
yes he does. but if he wants me to make more works he will have to accept a messy studio. one can't make an 'omelette' without breaking the eggs.