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Apr 9, 2009

Kunstroute-Leuven ontspoort!

pubs, posh & trendy cafes, restaurants, brasseries, ... on the "Oude Markt" in Leuven - locally known as the longest beercounter in the world (this is a buzzing University city) - have works on display of 40 local artists. The theme is 'derailment' . Works will stay on the premises from 26th of March until 26th of April; that is the weekend of the Open Studios art tour Kunstroute-Leuven.

Pictures taken in bad conditions. Not much time to focus or choose the best possible angle; one cannot disturb the customers every time to have an excellent view. Lighting is a problem and so is the heavy smoke. So here we go with a selection, some pictures were just not good enough.

Sculptor Eva Leplat at Oase

painter Katelijne Laroy at Apero
hildA De Schutter at De Peylkoker

sculptor Tjerrie Verhellen at Metropole

painter Yoni Kiggen at De Weerelt

painter Arne Reynaert at Karément

glass-sculptor Paul Van Cauteren at Louvain Louvain
top shelf

multimedia Grapes of Art at Giraf

ceramist Jan Vander Elst at 33
the red work in the right upper corner - not the blackboard

Erlend Van Landeghem at Café Manger

sculptor Ann Dieltjens at Rodin's

sculptor Ann Dieltjens at Rodin's
more work of Ann Dieltjens in this previous post

Sculptor Liliane Versluys at Rodin's

painter Erik Stroobants at De Kemel

photographer Bart Duriez at Forum

Pieter Verstraete at Forum

painter Adelheid Smets at De Colff

painter Adelheid Smets at De Colff

painter Milly Noz at Charlatan

painter Antoon Verbeeck at Mephist'O

painter Arne Reynaert at Antalya
this one has a little story : the muslim owner did not want an erotic work on his walls (look at the other work of Arne up here at Karément), so Arne put up a painting of peppers. But on different windows of this pita-place are these sexy images....

There is much more to see and many of the artists have more than one work displayed. Worth while the tour. The whole list can be found on the site, and after entering click 'ontspoort!'.

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wim said...

At the end of the walk through this log, I was very thursty ;-)