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Jul 1, 2009

meanwhile back home

Friends are having a garden party. The building - still under construction - adjacent to the garden, and kept as a backup party room in case the weather will turn, needed some dressing to make it more festive and hide the unfinished parts. So I offered to do it with my collection of textiles gathered from many travels throughout the world, textiles my brother, mother and grandmother brought from Mozambique, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Tanzania ... and many more countries I can't recall right now. I cherish these pieces of fabrics since my brother and grandmother are no longer among us. From time to time I will use them to create a different atmosphere, and this party definitely was a good occasion to do so.

So, in my car they went to go to their destination ...

It will take a few hours to put up the textiles on the unfinished ceiling.
At night the room will be lit by the Good Mood Lights.

My party dress has bits of African fabrics, I just love these vibrant colours, and to my surprise the next morning ....

... I found caterpillars in my garden wearing the exact same colours. They seem to love the rue - Ruta Graveolens and their colours are a perfect camouflage on this plant which will soon be naked. I think they are the most beautiful caterpillars I've ever seen. This one is a small one that needs to grow a bit more. It will turn into a beautiful Swallowtail Butterfly - Papilio Machaon . Can't wait until 5 of these gorgeous butterflies will honour my garden.

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wim said...

Interesting thought to collect textile fabrics from all over the world, I used to do that with pearls. Pearls were also easy to transport in the handbagage as wel as textiles I presume.