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Apr 26, 2008

Linda De Nil - open studio

Self-taught potter Linda De Nil makes wood fired ceramics. In her own build Anagama kiln she produces natural ash glazed stoneware & porcelain.

her latest pottery shows a mixture of clay and porcelain

pictures taken late after sunset, so they are not the best quality. have a look at her site to see the better ones.

open studio this weekend, more info on Kunstroute-Leuven
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update august 2010 : new address for Linda De Nil's site :


Sas said...

Dear hildA,

I love these studio tours you take us on. After reading it and looking at the pictures I always feel the creative energy rising inside me :)

The work of Linda de Nil has such intriguing textures and shapes...pure beauty.

Thanks for sharing and inspiring :))

warm greetings, Sas

hildA said...

Hi Sas,

thank you for your visit and kind comment.
You already know that I just love artists' studios, and now that I'm not participating I'm reloading my creative batteries. It really is very nice to see a few artists and their new work again.

I'm off for the whole day, did 13 of 40. Will see how far we get.