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Mar 21, 2008

Lindos Huespedes - a surreal place to stay

A few years ago we traveled through Spain by car. At home, I found pictures in a Marie Claire magazine, of a gorgeous hotel that looked fabulous. We decided to stay the night while passing in the area.
It was an unforgettable experience.
First I would not call it a hotel, it gives you the wrong idea if you call it that.
In the middle of the fields in the country side near Gerona (and not too far from the world famous restaurant El Bulli from Ferran Adria - unfortunately, we did not eat there). No sign along the road to warn you where it is. A long private road leads you to an old building. Doors locked, a policy of the house, there is no staff. You call a phone number on the door and some time later someone shows up to let you in.... into an amazing place. I have no words to describe the wonder we felt while wandering through the big house. I think at that time there were only two other rooms occupied and that added to the dreamlike feel we had here. It was as in a surreal dreamworld. The public rooms you can use are amazing, and the private rooms are just fantastic with spectacular bathrooms and beautiful artwork. There is an art gallery on the site also.
Unfortunately I only had a phone-camera at that time, really poor quality of photos. The pictures here show only one public space. An open room without windows and part of the roof gone, a kind of patio.
And the pictures on their site do not show the full wonder of the place either, you just have to see it in real.

Lindos Huespedes


Sara lechner said...

Hilda, I was visiting your blog. It is very interesting!

hildA said...

thank you so much Sara,

your studio is just FANTASTIC (I'm addicted to viewing artist's studios), would love to see that in real one day.
lovely artwork too

Sas said...

Beautiful inspiring post hildA!

I loved the bright colours and the way she has decorated the hotel :))

Thanks for sharing :))


hildA said...

thank you Sas,

the pictures don't really show the beauty and dreamy atmosphere of the place